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Purchase items individually or in our pre-packaged, graded kits that include:

• "Pathway" for reading comprehension and vocabulary development

• "Climbing to Good English" for grammar and writing skills.

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  Pathway Overview

  Climbing to Good
       English Overview

  Working With Words

  Pathway Placement

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  1st Grade
  2nd Grade
  3rd Grade
  4th Grade
  5th Grade
  6th Grade
  7th Grade
  8th Grade

Pathway Placement Test

1. Have the child read the story.

2. Put the cursor over the box that says "Choose one."

3. Click the left mouse button.

4. Child selects correct answer in the drop down box by placing cursor over the correct answer and pressing the left mouse button.

5. If a mistake is made or they wish to change their answer, repeat steps 3 and 4.

6. When finished a page, press the button that says "Continue"

Important Notes:
• Going back and re-looking at the story at the top of the page is acceptable.

• Once the continue button has been pressed, you can not return to the page you have just finished.

• A placement screen will appear when your child has tested out to the maximum of their current comprehension skills.

This test only works to the end of third grade. If they finish the test it will tell you that they need to go into the 4th Grade Reader. Do not Panic! If your child is reading at a higher than grade 3 reading level, this test will not tell you what level to put them in.

Please make sure that your child understands the instructions before starting.

DO NOT use the Scroll wheel on your mouse
while taking this test. It will change the selected answers and the test will end early.

Practice Questions: (must be completed to start the test!)

1. A black cat ran

2. I am ready to start this test.

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